Saving waistlines for 25 years!
Saving waistlines for 25 years!
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There are several ways to work with Joanne (for group coaching, please go to Group Coaching & Programs)

The 21 Day Signature Coaching Program $1200

Suggested for all new clients. For those who want an education on body composition and weight loss.  This is what Joanne is known for. The ultimate in hand holding. You will talk to Joanne 2-3 times per week and have full access to contact Joanne at anytime during your program

The 21 Day Signature Group Coaching Program ($299) please see Group Coaching & Programs for next start date) and other programs (5)

Consultation & Meal Plan Design $249

For those who have already completed the 21-day program or for people who simply want a customized meal plan, without coaching. 

6 Week Weight Loss Program $99

Pre-designed 6-week weight loss program that you use independently. (not suitable for vegans)


Single & Follow up appointments $149

All coaching clients can purchase single follow appointments at their convenience.

I strongly suggest private clients continue with one on one appointments and/or with my group coaching series. I only do the live programs twice a year so please message me if you want dates (also visit the group coaching page on this website)

Peak Week 5 Day Shred $89 (Coached as a small group once a month - next Shred Jan 11-16) - contact me with questions

21 Day Signature Group Weight Loss Program $299

TIGHT28 a continuation of the 21 day program, tightening our food choices and introducing the workouts $329

MASTERING MIDLIFE 30 days a total education to the circus we call "midlife" $329

Meal Plans & Courses 

There are several recipe packs and courses to choose from, please return to the home page and select 'Meal Plans & Courses"