Saving waistlines for 25 years!
Saving waistlines for 25 years!
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A.  21 DAY INITIAL PROGRAM (In person or Zoom)
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A. 21 DAY INITIAL PROGRAM (In person or Zoom)

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The Initial Consult 90 minutes in person (in person or zoom)

3 consultations (1 X 90 mins + 2 x 60 minutes)

Exact, customized meal plan/program designed around your preferences, your life

21 days of accountability and support. I will check in with you daily and you can contact me via the app/email daily.

Your customized meal plan based on your goals and metrics will be delivered to you on the app within 36 hours of your initial appointment.

  • I commit to holding you accountable on a daily basis
  • I need you to commit to logging your meals and exercise - I can't help you if I can't see what you're doing



  • 90 minutes
  • 30-minute body composition breakdown presentation (this is what Joanne is known for, and by the end of this appointment you will understand weight loss. 
  • We will decide together on which approach to take and I will build a customized plan, based on your goal and preferences
  • Metabolic testing - if you come to our location we will perform the test, if we are working online I will find a location close to where you live
  • Blood Glucose - this is done in-office or I will show you how to do the test at home
  • Ultrasound body composition analysis - performed during your appointment or I will find a location close to your home.
  • The Shrink Shop App - an overview of where to find your meals, how to adjust them, how to log and how to communicate with me.

If your goal is weight gain/muscle building/competing I will adjust the presentation to fit your goal type.

During the 21 days, I can adjust meal plans and add new meals.



There are 3 options

Continue working with Joanne using the 

  • 4 Week Follow up - 4 x 60 minute consultations with 4 weeks support
  • Accountability Membership - keep Joanne in your life on a daily basis!
  • Single 60 minute consultations (ideally paired with the Accountability Membership)

All new clients must start with this initial 21 day program

If I haven't seen you for over a year you will need to do the initial 21 days again



The power of this first 21 days is the education you will receive.  

Weight loss has a 95% failure rate, but not with my clients!

My success is due to the education and information I give them in this 90-minute appointment.  When people understand what I'm asking of them, I get compliance and they get results.



  • Purchase the program
  • I will send you a questionnaire to complete
  • Download the app (I will send the link)
  • We will set a time