Saving waistlines for 25 years!
Saving waistlines for 25 years!
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I offer a complimentary 20 minute discovery call to anyone interested in my 2024 coaching series

Please Click this link to complete the booking form

I have 5 Group Coaching Programs for 2024!   

I only have time to offer these live coaching programs once or twice a year (I can never do all 5 twice  year)

There was a recent study to find out why some people were able to lose weight and keep it off and others were not able to maintain their weight loss.  The one thing that became apparent was that the people who were able to succeed at long term weight loss felt SUPPORTED!  Beyond which diet they followed, which exercise they did - the common denominator was social support!

My group format is awesome, my groups are large enough to be dynamic, yet small enough to feel personal. You will not be one of hundreds of people on a screen. You can be as invisible or as engaged as you wish - but the support will be there for you

My programs are not "chick" programs, men are very welcome and encouraged 

Because it takes over 5 months to complete the program series each program is only available twice a year.

This series will likely return late September

  • The 5 Day Peak Week Shred $149
  • The 21 Day Signature Weight Loss Program $369
  • Muscle Month $429
  • Tight 28 $399
  • Mastering Midlife $429

You can be as engaged as you want. You may be comfortable in the front row, or you may prefer to take a back seat and be less visible - whatever works best for you.

PEAK WEEK 5 DAY SHRED ($149) January 21 - 27 CLOSED

    • A quick fix, no wiggle room, lose as much weight as possible in 5 days.
    • 4 live (also recorded) zoom coaching calls


      • This is what I am known for. In 21 days you will understand weight loss and you will understand why you may have struggled in the past 
      • Intro coaching calls and then 2 live (also recorded) coaching calls per week (7 total)
      • Pre recorded videos and audio sent to you daily

      MUSCLE MONTH  ($429) DTBA

      • This was a very popular program in 2023!
      • Workouts for muscle building & strength
      • I have been a personal trainer for 30 years, so now we go into my gym!
      • I will go through every body part, provide training tips, explain good form
      • All the nutrition plans are geared towards building muscle whilst losing fat 
      • 12 zooms to explore how to build muscle - all experience levels welcome

      Online Group Coaching is probably the most productive and fun work I have done in my 3 decades of coaching

      TIGHT 28 ($399) DTBA.. prob may end

        • This is an extension of the 21 day program, covering topics I dont have time to cover in the 21 day program
        • No gluten, dairy, soy or sugar for 28 days + workouts
        • I am going to teach you how to train, I am going to provide workouts, and a schedule I am asking you to commit to. 
        • Explaining food sensitivities and intolerances and why your weight might be stuck
        • Covering more advanced topics and explaining the "cardio" component
        • Introduction coaching call and then 2 live zoom calls (also recorded) per week for a total of 7 coaching calls
        • Pre recorded video/audio content

            MASTERING MIDLIFE MONTH ($429) dtba. Prob mid june

            • Please watch the video for a full description.
            • If you are approaching midlife, in the midst of it, or dealing with the consequences of it - this course is for you.
            • IDEAL if you have already done the 21 Day Signature
            • I will explain the 6 hormones that change our body with age
            • There is a lot of information in this program. Ideal for those who love to know the "why"

             Please know group coaching programs are not suitable for vegans.  Please reach out to me for private coaching.

            The lady above has done all of my program. At 73 years young she has dropped 16 lb and sustained it for close to 4 years.

            The lady below was already in awesome shape. These photos are before and after the 5 Day Peak Week Shred

            5 Day Peak Week Shred