Saving waistlines for 25 years!
Saving waistlines for 25 years!
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The Mastering Midlife Group Coaching Program $279 (April 11 - May 7)
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The Mastering Midlife Group Coaching Program $279 (April 11 - May 7)

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If you've worked with me before you know how I coach. This program is going to be packed with useful, valid, relatable - and fascinating information that you can use to be your best self.

The meal plans (sorry not for vegans) are going to focus on weight loss but using foods and supplements (optional) that will positively impact the issues of midlife.

There will be 11 Zoom Group Calls - Wednesday evenings and Weekend mornings, I will alternate between Saturday and Sunday.

The Macronutrients (specific to midlife and beyond)
Supplementation (top choices of what to take and why)
Metabolism (What it is, what affects it and how to boost it)
The Top Three Players (Cortisol, Insulin & thyroid - what age does to them)
Body Shape and Fat Patterning - middles aged spread is an option and is fixable
Muscle and Mood - how to restore to live a happy, functional life
Insulin Resistance & inflammation - fix these two and you fix your health.

All Zoom meetings are recorded and the recording is sent to you with pdf notes on each topic

Custom meal plans to focus on body composition and the health issues of our age.

I am fully available to you at all times (using the chat feature of the app).

This program is ideal for those who have completed the 21 Day Signature Group Coaching Program. Although anyone can purchase the Mastering Midlife course, I would suggest that you complete the 21-day signature program first.

Those that have completed the 21-day signature program understand weight loss and this program is the perfect progression for them.

All meal plans will be delivered on the app & pdf

The program will start with meal plans suited to you specifically, and then twice a week you will receive group meal plans.

This program is open to any age. If you would like to understand midlife before you hit it - awesome. If you feel that you are past midlife this program is still perfect for you as so much of the course will explain what you experienced and how you can still reclaim your body and health.

Not suitable for vegans and not ideal for vegetarians

Joanne x