Saving waistlines for 25 years!
Saving waistlines for 25 years!
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C TIGHT28 May 5 - June 1 $399
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C TIGHT28 May 5 - June 1 $399

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Twenty Eight days to a TIGHTER BODY!

Meal plans and exercise for fat loss

Why I built this program. I am constantly seeing people’s weight loss stall because of foods they were sensitive to

I am constantly seeing people sabotage their weight loss because of their relationship with certain foods

I am constantly seeing people’s weight loss progress trashed because of weekend weight gain, which is so pronounced that it negates all the progress of their week

.I am constantly seeing people living with bloating, low energy, joint pain, and depressed moods because of their food

All the meal plans are designed for weight loss and are sugar, gluten, dairy, and soy free (the 4 main irritants that cause the majority of the problems stated above)
There are 12 zooms (live and recorded for you convenience)

Zoom topics 

  • How food sensitivities show up
  • What is a mitochondria anyway?
  • Sugar - added sugar, sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners
  • How to test for a food intolerance or allergy (spoiler - not those home tests!)
  • Appetite regulators - how to control
  • Building mini habits for success
  • VO2 max, HIIT, anaerobic threshold and much more explained
  • Cardio or weights for fat loss?
  • Stubborn fat that seems diet resistant
  • Gluten & dairy - their connection 
  • GMO and soy - how our foods have changed
  • Weight Plateaus and rebounds

There are exercise programs for all levels (home and gym)

Join me on the Peloton "Build Your Power Zones Program"

When I first this program I was astounded by the results! I had known that I needed to offer this program, but even I was shocked by the difference it made.

If you have worked with me before, you know I am all about coaching. I am not the coach who just tells you what to do; I am the coach who is going to explain every nuance so that you can make informed changes as they relate to you.

If you have completed my 21 Day Program, this is a really awesome progression

I only offer this program twice a year!