Saving waistlines for 25 years!
Saving waistlines for 25 years!
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E. TIGHT 28 (Aug 20 - Sept 17) $329
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E. TIGHT 28 (Aug 20 - Sept 17) $329

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I wrote this program because ..

  • I am constantly seeing people's weight loss stall because of food sensitivities
  • I am constantly seeing people sabotage their weight loss because of their relationship with breads & sugar
  • I am constantly hearing about bloating, low energy, poor motivation - all of which can be linked to eating foods that dont work for you!

I ran this program for the first time earlier this year and I was blown away by the results. Even in the first week I had members losing more weight that they did in my 5 Day Shred!

28 Days No Sugar, No Gluten, No Soy, very little dairy + an exercise component.
There are home/no gym workouts, there are workouts for beginners and then there is an option to follow my gym workout.'

Keeping Nutrition "tight" and workouts to make your body "tight" (in a good way)

This will be a strict nutritional program. No sugar, no gluten, no soy for 28 days. There will be simple meal options, quick meal options and options for those that like to cook.

There will also be an exercise component.  Because I love to coach, this time I am going to teach how to train correctly with weights.  Even the pros will learn something here. I will explain how to train every body part, how to combine and sequence workouts to build muscle whilst burning calories.

There will be non-gym workouts, workouts for beginners/intermediates and you can follow my gym workouts

The workouts will be less than 45 minutes

The cardio workouts will be at least 45 minutes

There is also an optional yoga flow

Please only join if are ready to do a pretty tight diet with workouts

This is the perfect progression program for those who do the 21 Day Signature program the month prior and it is an excellent run-up for those who are going to continue to the Mastering Midlife Program -  which is nutritionally more relaxed, fun, and varied.

This is my first time offering this program - I'm excited, are you?!