Saving waistlines for 25 years!
Saving waistlines for 25 years!
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Here is where you can buy my book, my supplements - but also where you find direct amazon links to my favorite products. These are the products that I use myself and suggest to my clients

 Glutathione to support gut lining & immunity

My favorite sunscreen

Inulin a prebiotic fiber to feed your "good" bacteria

This is a game changer for digestion and food sensitivities


Selenium a powerful antioxidant for your skin, detoxifying mercury and aid in the conversion of thyroid

Collagen - please take daily for best results

Over 40's we do not digest protein very well anymore. If we dont digest it, we are unable to use it. Another "game changer" supplement for those in midilfe and beyone

Vitamin D3 - must be taken with food containing fat

Zinc for your metabolism, immune system, the conversion to the active form of thyroid and even helps build muscle in those who are deficient

Fish oil, keep in the refrigerator. I promise it tastes fine!

Digestive enzyme for gluten and dairy

Estrogen cream for your skin! The results I have seen have been incredible. This will not alter your systemic hormonal levels

Magnesium - muscle, nerve, energy production. A crucial element to the body's function

B12 - red blood cell formation. Energy production, CNS function, nerve tissue health. Please take daily, especially if you dont eat meat

Vitamin C, our fabulous antioxidant. Also collagen works better when taken with Vit C

Creatine, if muscle building is your goal. 8 weeks on, 5 weeks off

BCAA - protects your lean tissue from stress/cortisol. Provides the amino acid essential for building lean tissue (leucine)

ALCAR one of my top 5 supplements that I suggest to my clients. To elevate mood, can help lower blood glucose and cholesterol, helps with nerve pain and to increase energy levels

Berberine - this can be quite potent, so start slow 2x 500 per day and work (if needed up to 3 x per day) can dramatically lower blood glucose by helping with insulin sensitivity - this is why it is know as the "weight loss" supplement - as it helps create the environment that allows for weight loss. Also used to lower triglyceride levels. For some people berberine can really lower their blood sugar, so take it slow - an amazing supplement

Sleep Formula - another "game changer" This product works!


This is the sweetener I prefer (monk fruit and erythritol)


These two products together are AMAZING for crepey skin (even Kevin uses daily)


Ninja Gains - whey isolate + bovine collagen + multi enzymes