Saving waistlines for 25 years!
Saving waistlines for 25 years!
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The Quick Fix Pros & Cons

Quick Fix Diets – the pros and cons

 Why do people really seek out quick-fix diets and why wouldI offer one?

In a world where we demand instant gratification, why wouldn’twe also demand instant results?

 The desire for rapid results is real, attach that to thesocial pressure and media influence that creates a sense of urgency to conformto certain standards.

 Lack of knowledge and previous failures deter people from investing in longer-term programs. If everything you have tried before hasfailed, why would spend time and money when in your heart, you believe theresult (or lack of it) will be the same?

 Marketing hype and celebrity endorsements can be persuasive.This always surprises me because everyone knows it's all hype; everyone knows the celebs have trainers and nutritionists, and yet sadly, there is real desperation that kicks in, leading to knee-jerk purchases.

 When people lack support, they are more likely to jump on a quick-fix program. Strict rules and structure can be comforting whenyou feel alone in your journey.

  So why on earth do I offer and rave out The Peak Week 5 DayShred?


Aren’t I just feeding off people's insecurities anddesperation?

Nope, quite the opposite, and here is why

 To change the body we have to change the brain andthe brain changes very slowly.  We cannot feel better than our thoughts and if we have a history of losing at weight loss, then our thoughts are not serving us well. At this point we need a win,we need a big WIN.


If we think that our body is stuck, that this is theway it is going to be, and that life is never going to get better, but then wedrop 10lb in a week, our beliefs shift and they shift big.


We have to believe in what is possible for us, and most people do not. They hope, they dream, but they do not believe. They buy the cheapsupplement that they know won't work, because they are willing to waste a fewdollars in “hope” that they might be wrong.


They mistakenly think that their body is “stuck” and they certainly doubt that they have the  ability to do anything about it.


When they complete my Peak Week 5 Day Shred, a few things happen


  • They lose a stupid amount of weight and realize their body is not “stuck”

  • They now see that their hopes and dreams can actually be very realistic goals

  • They complete something 100% and they feel exhilarated by it. When we complete something difficult and complete it 100% our self-esteem skyrockets.


Rapid success forces us to reconsider what we are capable of.


  • ·        Motivation follows results

  • ·        Results change our thoughts

  • ·        Thoughts change how we feel

  • ·        How we feel about ourselves is the absolutedriver of our results


Our results are directly correlated with our perception ofourselves.

 The Peak Week 5 Day Shred lifts people into a new place ofawareness, it becomes undeniable that change is available to them.

 I love Peak Week because of the energy it brings out of people. I would ask you to watch this video and you will see the weight people lost, but look closer, and read their words – they are joyful, excited, happy,encouraged

This is why I love my version of a quick fix

I also love that it shows people how simple it can be. There are no products, no gimmicks, and no exercise requirements.


The Peak Week 5 Day Shred illustrates perfectly how willing the body is to change.


The Peak Week 5 Day Shred has been working for over 30years, it is a short-term commitment that can fuel the rest of your life


I invite you to join me September 10 – 16


Let me support you and coach you, let me show you what is not just possible but absolutely probable


For a full video that explains why the program works so wellplease go to


If you are ready to join me on September 10



The Peak Week Shred is a high protein, low carb, moderatefat program. It is not suitable for vegans (unless they want to eat a lot oftempeh)

  • There are 4 live coaching calls over 6 days (ie a lot ofsupport) all the calls are recorded for your convenience

  • Full access to your coach – me 😊

  • Very rarely do people mention being hungry

  • Workout if you wish, but it is not at all necessary

  • You will be supported, you will be encouraged, you will be coached

 If you have a little negative voice in your head telling youevery reason why this won't work – then this program is perfect for you 😊

 Virtually every person that has completed Peak Week repeats it, either by themselves or with the group.

 I will finish by saying one thing – when people do thisprogram alone, about 50% finish the week. When people do it in the group 100% finish the week AND they report that it is easier to do. You do not have to do this alone.

 This program will not be repeated until 2024

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