Saving waistlines for 25 years!
Saving waistlines for 25 years!
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Excuses Justify Poor Results

Are These “Quick Fix Diets” Really Dangerous?

Is This “No Wiggle Room Reset” Really Dangerous?

Everyone says this.  But is it true?


 Everyone says these things.  But are they true?

How to tell if this popular advice is B.S. or not

I’m calling B.S. on this right NOW …

  •  it's all water-weight 
  •  It will ruin your metabolism
  •  You’ll just gain all the weight back
  •  It's not sustainable
  •  They don’t teach you anything

 You've probably heard all of these and more.

 Never do this, Never do that, and what happens is most people never do anything ever!

 It's mostly self-serving, uninformed nonsense. Does that sound a little harsh?

 The sources discouraging you are the very people who are looking for a reason not to do it themselves.

 Diets don’t work

  • Walking is a waste of time
  • Protein will kill you
  • Fasting is bad for you

 All of it is spoken by those who are looking for a reason not to try.

 While there is some truth to diets being hard to sustain and how weight can fluctuate, the reality is this:

 Excuses justify poor results, and we learn the most about ourselves when we challenge ourselves

 Doing hard things feels good

Succeeding with self-discipline feels good

Challenging yourself feels good

Results feel good

Understanding how you achieved those results feels good.

Getting out of a rut feels good

Getting back to feeling yourself feels good

TRYING feels good!


Life can take the best of us off track, and seeking balance can be the long, long road back to the path.


“Balance’ is overrated.

The “Magic” does not happen in the middle

 Think of a time you succeeded in something outstanding. Were you living a balanced life, or were you hauling ass for the win? 


 If you want to sustain something, a roaring start always helps.

Read a book, it will start off strong to hook you in

A movie better grab you in the first 10 minutes

A class better interesting from the get go

A diet better give you some quick results to keep you motivated


We use the early quick win in so many things that we do – because it works

 Now take results and add a coach that is going to educate and support you – that is a win!

 Unfortunately, most people underestimate the power of the ‘win”

 If you never read anything else I've written, please read and apply this. I have personally instructed hundreds of people through The Peak Week Shred over the last 30 years and the greatest result, beyond the crazy weight loss, is always how accomplished and powerful people feel by the end of the week

 This is a big part of what I mean when I say “You cannot look better than you feel”

 If you feel unmotivated, that is how you will remain until you change something

If you feel stuck, that is how you will stay until you change something

 And to go full circle on this email.

NO it is not all water weight

NO it will not ruin your metabolism

NO you don’t have to gain all the weight back

Every time you challenge yourself, you learn something


Got questions? Hit “Reply” and email me. 


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If you are in a great place and rocking and rolling this thing called life, then I hope to see you in one of my other programs, but if you’re stuck, if you’re disappointed in yourself, frustrated with yourself, ready to get back in your lane – then don’t wait, we start The Peak Week Shred in less than 10 days.

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  Just remember the people who say not to do something are the ones looking for a reason not to do it

 5 Days to find yourself again

September 10-16




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