Saving waistlines for 25 years!
Saving waistlines for 25 years!
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Is 75 HARD too hard? Failure is a fine line

Have you seen the latest popular challenge being offered bycoaches

 “75 Hard” is a challenge to build mental toughness. it was started by the remarkable Andy Frisella, and the name is no lie – this is HARD

 The challenge is for 75 days


  • ·        Follow a diet (any diet) every day with no cheatmeals

  • ·        Complete two 45-minute workouts, one of whichmust be outdoors.

  • ·        Take a progress picture every day

  • ·        Drink 1 gallon of water every day

  • ·        Read 10 pages of a non-fiction book (audiobooksnot included) every day

 I have zero problem with this challenge as it states exactlywhat it is, I just have a tad of concern when I see coaches encouraging all of their clients to do it.

 I would have jumped all over this 30 years ago; in my uber-competitive 26 year old self I was basically living this on a daily basis anyway (audible wasn’t an option back then), but now with 30 years of coaching under my belt, I really appreciate the real price of failing, and I really appreciatethe real value of the win.

 75 days so if I started today that would take me very nicely right up to Thanksgiving, which in an ideal world would be perfect timing.

 But in a not-so-perfect world, there are a few holidays thrown in there, a trip to Europe a bunch of birthdays, and 2 programs to coach. The weathe rin Idaho is going to change, evenings are going to be dark and not ideal for outdoor exercise (but maybe that is the point)

 I know myself well enough to know that I wouldn’t last a week.

 But that’s not my point.

 The majority of those that will get caught up in the excitement,or are persuaded by their coaches are headed for an epic fail.

 They will have valid excuses for the failure, but as we know, excuses justify poor results and the perpetual cycle of poor results erodes our self-belief, and self-belief is at the very heart of the results we will experience.

 Our results directly mirror how we see ourselves and how we see our capabilities

 I understand how at the completion of a challenge like this would feel pretty awesome , but I also feel that the people who are going to be able to complete the 75 days already know they are capable of completing a challenge like this.


Failure isn’t a bad thing; studies show that a failure rate of about 15% actually allows for progress.


  • Fail up to 15% of the time and you will continueto learn and progress

  • Never fail and the goal is not difficult enough,you will get bored and quit

  • Fail too much, and the challenge was toodifficult for you at this time, and your self perception is harmed, not helped.


There are two other points I want to make here


We all need a WIN


75 days hitting all 5 requirements every day, nothing less than that equals the win.


Anything less than that is a fail ☹


For most people it is the smaller daily wins that accumulate overtime into the bigger wins in life


 Fewer goals is better


The long New Year resolution lists vs the one of two goals for the year.


This is well-studied and fewer goals have greater success


If you plan to drop 40 lb, stop drinking, cut out sugar and workout 5 days a week, you are less likely to succeed than the person that picks one or two of these goals


Setting goals and failing also fuels the perpetual cycle of failure that too many people insert themselves into.


 Ironically I also have my own challenge coming up, but here is the difference


It is 5 days


  • There is one nutrition goal – that is it

  •  Everyone completes the 5 days

  • Everyone gets results

  • Everyone wins

  •  Everyone finishes feeling motivated and inspiredabout what they are capable of.


 THE PEAK WEEK 5 DAY SHRED – 5 day diet Sept 11 – 16

 Register at

 Curious but not ready to commit? This video will explain theprogram in full


Writing this newsletter reminded me look up some work I did a fewyears back on matching diets to recognized personality types. I wrote it based on the Myers-Briggs test.

I will include it in the next newsletter but I also think I will include it as a new topic in the upcoming 6 Week Signature Program sept 30 - nov 11

 If you would like to take a free personality test click thislink

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