Saving waistlines for 25 years!
Saving waistlines for 25 years!
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Losing weight eating foods you love.

This is a common approach to weight loss, and understandably it’s a very popular one.

The theory goes if we eat foods that we enjoy in a way that allows weight loss, then we have long-term compliance and arrive in nirvana with breadcrumbs on our chest.

Eating less of the foods that made you fat does not work, and here is why

For most people this is a low-protein way of eating, which does not promote muscle and muscle is the one metabolic tool that we must protect at all costs (and it looks pretty awesome too)

This keeps us eating the sugar and fat combo which fuels cravings and keeps us very reliant on willpower. This is destined to fail and it's also an uncomfortable way to lose weight. Eating ½ a slice of pizza is pretty hard to do!

We try to mimic our favorite foods with “fake” healthy alternatives. Those Keto bombs come to mind ☹ We continue to eat because we “want” to eat, not because we are “ready to eat” The list is endless, but to name a few, the “low carb” chips, the “energy” bars, the “gummy” supplements (please stop) the protein bars, the cereals, the keto breads …

Did they work?

Are you enjoying Nirvana (the state of neither suffering nor feeling desire) – My guess is a hard NO

When I built one of my first programs for weight loss, I designed 12 meal plans, and I did not include a protein bar until the final week in meal plan #12; this is why

When I designed meal plans for private clients and I included a protein bar as a snack, my clients ALWAYS ate the snack.

However, when I changed that snack to 2 hard-boiled eggs, or string cheese, or something similar, guess what?  My clients didn’t eat the snack “Jo, I wasn’t hungry, so I skipped the snack

They ate the snack because they wanted the taste, not needed the food.

Eating for weight loss based on your food preferences does not work. And that’s not just me telling you this (with 30 years of observation) but it has been well studied.

Now, this is not to say that you have to eat foods that you hate, just to recognize that your palate can and will change if you're willing to be a tad uncomfortable for a while.

We all know the person who never ate fish and then got a “taste” for it and now loves it. Or the person who never ate a vegetable and now fills their plate.

Black coffee is a fabulous example.  The bare-knuckle fights I get into to get my clients off the #$%@ creamers. “Don’t take my coffee away” – I’M NOT- I am just taking the creamer! And those same people (myself included) that now love black coffee and can't imagine drinking it any other way.

(just a note that black coffee is not a requirement 😊 This is just an example)

Coffee, very dark chocolate, and beer are perfect examples because at first, people strongly dislike the taste, and then when they try it a few times, they “get” a taste for it. This is what we mean by an acquired taste.

If you want to lose weight you have to start acting like a person that weighs less!

Imagine yourself with your goal body composition, how does that version of yourself act? what do they eat, what do they do with their day?

I am going to guess here that the perfect version of you does not eat ½ a slice of pizza and a keto bomb for lunch. I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest that the perfect version of you eats until they are full and eats healthy meals that you enjoy.

Eating less of the foods that made you fat is a horrible way to try to lose weight

It will not work, and it is HARD to do.


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