Saving waistlines for 25 years!
Saving waistlines for 25 years!
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"I can't" vs "How can I"

“I can’t”
“How can I”
Both work
Isn’t that the truth for just about everything in life?
We are all born with ability, but none of us are born with skill.

When we are children, our parents make us learn and develop skills, we don’t really have much choice, and our development is based on “do this, do that”

As children,we don’t have much say in what we learn and we develop by doing what we are told (maybe kicking and screaming a little)

As we get older, into our teenage years it becomes more of a barter system·        
“Do this and you’ll get that”·        
“Keep your grades and I’ll buy you a …”·        
“Do your chores and I’ll let you do …

”There is a lot more “negotiation” going on as young adults
Hopefully, by this time we have garnished a few skills and gained an interest in some of them that encourages us to continue.

Not many things were totally optional until we became adults
.“I can’t”
“How can”
As adults we progress in life is “discretionary.”

Do you keep reading books, do you exercise, do you go to bed before midnight, do you study for that promotion, do you start a side hustle?

All of it isat our discretion; nobody is there to tell us what to do, and what life has to offer is pretty much our choice.
So, too are our results.

Changing our body composition is a skill, it is a subject to be learned and eventually mastered, but to be very clear it is a skill.·        

If a 3 year old can count to ten is fabulous, Parents praise their child for being so bright·        

If a 23 year old can count to ten, not so impressive·        

If a 53 year old can only count to ten, we’re wondering what went wrong with their life and yet with body composition, weight loss, and eating for health and longevity, the vast majority of people can't count past five.

“I can’t”“How can I”

There are those who take on the daunting task of mastering their own health and weight and there are those who circle the drain with “I can’t”

If we had been allowed to get away with “I can’t” as kids, or as teenagers, wherewould we be?

Look around because you see grown people who got away with it, and their lives failed toexpand and flourish.

The things in your life,you have taken on skills much more difficult than weight loss.
Your career,that business you built, that family you raised, you have achieved a lot, so why would you limit yourself when it comes to one of the greatest gifts you could ever give yourself

Because “I can’t” 

Youalready know I am about to promote my programs to you, but you might not know why I am so passionate about what I do.·        

The majority of people come to me to lose weight·        
Themajority of people come to me over the age of 35

I can teach them how to lose weight and show them how living a leaner life can be somewhat effortless.

But what if they don’t The skill they need is fascinating and really fun to explore.
Given thecorrect information in the correct progression (very important), my clients are inspired, and highly motivated, and they can see how the trajectory of their life has been changed for the better.

This is going to sound harsh, but the person who wants to lose weight but “can’t”obviously will continue to gain weight and their health will suffer.

Society doesn’t care because obesity is normalized and accepted, it is (sadly) expected and even celebrated.

But I would put my last dollar on that person being happier if they had decided upon the “How can I” rather than “I cant”

When we arein our 20s, 30’s even 40’s, it can be all about the weight. As we enter midlife and beyond, the consequences of that weight start to show up.

The excess weight or poor dietary choices may seem like an obstacle you can’t see around at the moment, but the obstacle you face is, in fact, an opportunity to be grabbed

Consider every obstacle you have overcome in life. On the other side of it, life was better.The difference is that most obstacles in life are not optional, we have to deal with them.Taking control of our body composition is optional, but the consequences are not.

No matterwhere your starting point is, it is an “opportunity” disguised as an obstacle 

I have two programsstarting very soon.
One is short and sweet, it is a hard reset, not a walk inthe park, but the results are awesome.
One is a steady paced information based program to master weight loss, it is not about being perfect on the journey.

THE PEAK WEEK 5 DAY SHRED Starts next Sunday, the diet Monday - Friday
Yes you'll lose a lot of weight and It is my opportunity to coach you on what is possible. I will coach you on some of the key obstacles people face when trying to change their weight and how to turn those obstacles into opportunities. 
But we start on Sunday Sept 10

THEPEAK WEEK 5 DAY SHRED (not suitable for vegans)
I then move on to the new
for those people who have decided upon the path of “How can I”

Yes, thereare recipes and meal plans to follow, but more importantly (honestly, I don’t even care if people follow the meal plans or not),

I want youto allow me to coach you.
I want youto allow me to teach you the skill of weight loss
.I want to show you how easily you can change what is possible for you

I really try to push these programs because I just don’t offer them very often. I would love to run them back to back all the time, but the reality is that they come around maybe twice a year

I toy withthe idea of offering my programs in a self-study format, I just know (because Iam very guilty of this myself) that people don’t complete self-study courses. 

Here are thedates

THE PEAK WEEK 5 DAY SHRED starts this Sunday (you don’t have to make the 4 coachingcalls as everything is recorded)

THE 6 WEEK SIGNATURE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM September 30 – November 11. I can't stress this enough – this is the program that changes lives

“I can’t”
“Howcan I”

I willleave you with a few quotes from past clients

“Joanne, I am both thrilled and annoyed. My mind is blown by this program, but this should be taught in school. The kids would love this sort of information and why did I have to wait until I was 44 to understand all of this”

“I have been stuck at 150+ for 20years, 21 days with you and I am 145.”

“Joanne, you have set me free from decades of dieting. You taught me how to fish! I have put off doing this program and could kick myself because that was so much fun. Count me In for your other programs”

“Jo, yet again you knocked it out ofthe park. This is my third time doing this program and every time you do something and I pick up something different. Because of you I am able to feed my family better, I know how to navigate menus and enjoy life”

“Why is nobody teaching us this?!”

“Jo, I have known you 20 years but I didn’t know you worked miracles ”

“I am blown away, a whole level of anxiety has been lifted from me. My fear of following the family steps of diabetes is more”

“My doctor just said “Whatever you are doing, keep doing it” I am off my high blood pressure meds, my A1C is “optimal”I am 20 lb lighter and this is easy Joanne, EASY”

“I would like you to coach this to myleadership team” registration closes on friday Sept 30 - Nov 11

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