Saving waistlines for 25 years!
Saving waistlines for 25 years!
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When Calories & Cardio Don't Cut It"
When Calories & Cardio Don't Cut It"
When Calories & Cardio Don't Cut It"
When Calories & Cardio Don't Cut It"
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When Calories & Cardio Don't Cut It"

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For anyone wanting to change their body composition. This is the one read that will equip you with the knowledge you need.

If you are a health professional, this is an excellent teaching and reference tool.

Losing weight is one of the greatest challenges a person may face in their lifetime. A thickening waistline that defies our best efforts affects our self-confidence and we have no idea what to tell our kids so that they can avoid the same frustration.

We live in exciting times as we are now clear about what causes the physical changes we abhor and although calories and exercise play a role, they are deep in the shadows of the hugely dominant players who ultimately control what we weigh and what shape we take.

In “When Calories & Cardio Don’t Cut It” you will learn

  1. What causes fat storage to be accelerated by age.
  2. The three times of life you can increase your number of fat cells.
  3. Why Chronic dieters end up with fat arms and thick waists.
  4. How to avoid weight gain in menopause (or man-opause).

None of which have anything to do with calories or cardio.

You will also learn

  1. Why your appetite is increasing.
  2. Why some fat is resistant to exercise
  3. What triggers water retention and how to lose it overnight.
  4. Why puberty is critical to the fat cell.

  What really crushes your metabolism (it’s not age)

“When Calories & Cardio Don’t Cut it” is a fascinating look at the major influencers that impact body composition and fat patterning. It explains how these players pay little heed to our obsessive tracking of intake vs expenditure and it will show you how you can control them to work in your favor.

Before you hang your hat on the next diet or go back to the one that ‘worked before’ take this opportunity to explore how to live lean for a lifetime. It is entirely possible and extremely probable with the right know how.

This book is born of the belief that if you give people valid information that they can relate to they will make better decisions without instruction. The hope is that in reading this book you will cause a ripple effect within your family and community.