Saving waistlines for 25 years!
Saving waistlines for 25 years!
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Congratulations on joining the TIGHT 28 program


The Food

28 days to explore the role of food sensitivities with regard to weight loss, body composition, energy, mental clarity, digestion, mood, and potential pain reduction!

All of the meals are designed for weight loss and are gluten, dairy, soy, and sugar-free (4 main irritants that cause subtle to severe issues)

I am against these 4 irritants (well, maybe gluten and soy 😊) but I designed this program because

  • I constantly see people’s weight loss stall because of food sensitivities
  • I constantly see bloating, water retention, and digestive issues that can be avoided
  • I constantly see the odd “cheat” meal causing unnecessary weight fluctuation.

That is why I wrote the program. This is what actually happens

  • For some people instant weight loss, more than my other programs!
  • Elevated mood
  • Mental clarity
  • Digestive issues and bloated feelings – gone!
  • Energy and better sleep patterns
  • Autoimmune symptoms are greatly reduced or gone!
  • Joint pain and muscle tightness are greatly reduced!

I want to show you how to build meals for weight loss that also avoid potential food irritants that might be holding you back. I want to show you how easy it is without being forced to eat in a bland, boring way that is not sustainable.

The Exercise

The Tight28 program is the third program in a series of five. Although all of my programs stand alone and can be taken without the others, there is a progression to them (if you are interested in the other programs, there is a brief outline at the end)

The Tight28 program is the first program where I introduce the exercise component.

There are workouts for those of you at home, beginner workouts, and even my workouts. (all completely optional) If you have a peloton or use the peloton app I will also make suggestions about the Peloton programs you may want to follow.

The zooms are going to include exercise topics, such as

  • Exercise vs Activity
  • Weights vs cardio
  • Exercise terminology
  • Metabolic training & our Mitochondria
  • Training for your body type

In a nutshell, the Tight28 program will teach you how to lose weight, how to build meals for weight loss, how to avoid foods that might be holding you back, and provide the fat-burning exercise to meet you wherever you want to start.

If you are NEW to me and my coaching programs

WELCOME! Let’s make sure you are all set up.

  • If you just purchased the program, please watch out for an “activate your account” email. It will be sent from– sometimes people miss this email if you don’t see it please check your spam folder. If you still don’t see it, let me know, and I will resend it.
  • The email will direct you to set up your username/password, and there will be a link to download the app onto your phone
  • Once your account is set up, you can use the phone app and/or access from your desktop

Once you are in the app, please go to FILES where they will be a short video to show you around the app.  I will also be emailing this video to you and going over it all with you closer to the start of the program.

As with anything new, there is a learning curve, but I promise you, this app and the website and super user-friendly, and it will all fall into place 😊 Also the app is yours forever, for free.


There are 3 live zoom calls per week, 12 total. The zooms are also recorded so if you are unable to join you will have a recording link to review at your convenience. The zooms are never shared outside of the group so turn up as you wish, video on or off. Zoom calls are Wednesday at 6 pm pst and Saturday, and Sunday 8 am pst

Topics to be covered include

  • Food sensitivities, allergies, and malabsorption issues – how they sabotage your body composition
  • Fat breakdown (if you are new to me – this is life-changing)
  • Why the increase in food intolerances & the gold standard in testing
  • Gluten is it all hype (NO, and it’s scarier than you think!)
  • Exercise vs Activity vs Neat
  • Sugar, dopamine, cravings, and “new” sugars
  • Fitness terminology – VO2 max, anaerobic thresholds, metabolic training, and more
  • Soy & GMO – the scary tale of both (follow the $$)
  • Hunger & Leptin resistance (food addiction, out-of-control appetite – the kissing cousin to insulin)
  • Weights vs. Cardio for weight loss
  • Dairy (hint, it’s not bad news 😊)
  • Set Points & Plateaus (if time allows)



  • Every Zoom is recorded, and the recording link is emailed to you within an hour of the call.
  • You will receive PDF notes on all the topics covered
  • All meal plans are offered in the app and are also sent in a printable PDF format

Joanne x