Saving waistlines for 25 years!
Saving waistlines for 25 years!
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D. MUSCLE MONTH March 31 - April 27 $429
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D. MUSCLE MONTH March 31 - April 27 $429

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Show me the 80 year old that feels like they have too much muscle!

A month-long program to build muscle whilst staying lean or getting leaner.
Custom meal plans that can be modified to suit how you want to approach this program.
Five workout programs to chose from (strength, beginner, intermediate, guy style split and my own personal workouts.

12 live zooms (all recorded) - that is 3 live coaching calls per week!!!
Instructional zooms from my gym
How muscle works/contracts
Hypertrophy training vs strength vs power
The nine body parts
The seven movement patterns
How a muscle changes
Understanding muscle fibers to understand your results
Muscle and training myths
Training Terminology (compound, concentric, drop/pause sets, volume et)
How many reps and how much rest
Overload and progressive resistance
Protein, how much and when and should I be worried?
What to expect, newbie gains, men vs women
And more :)

Full access to me
This program is only offered once a year.

Interested? listen to this quick podcast where I explain muscle loss with age