Saving waistlines for 25 years!
Saving waistlines for 25 years!
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D.  PEAK WEEK 5 DAY SHRED (March 1 - 5)
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D. PEAK WEEK 5 DAY SHRED (March 1 - 5)

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Next Shred March 1 - 5 2021 join now!

I have used this diet for over 25 years for the greatest results in the shortest amount of time.

This was my pre-contest diet which I used for Ms Olympia and many other shows.  I have used this diet hundreds of times with insane results.

Here's a few texts from clients this year.

The diet is 5 days, there are no products to buy, no extra workouts to do, it is purely a 6-day shred using nutrition alone.

This is not suitable for vegans, you will need to eat eggs and fish at the very least.

There is NO WIGGLE room in this 5-day plan.  You will not be hungry, but it might be bland - but it works.

I can't guarantee results but results usually range between 4- 14 lb, the average being 6-8 lb

With my hand on my heart, I have only seen this diet not work twice (and that was with the same person)

I stress - THERE IS NO WIGGLE ROOM, you must follow the diet exactly (its only 5 days!)

This diet is ideal for,

1. A weight loss kickstart

2. A special occasion (birthday, wedding, reunion, vegas pool party, photoshoot etc)

3. Weight loss plateau

4. To speed up weight loss results

5. A monthly hard core week

 This diet is delivered to you via The Shrink Shop App (desktop/mobile) along with instruction and daily videos.  There is also a CHAT option in the app where you can contact me if you get stuck.


Purchase here and I will assign you the program along with an invite so that you can download the app and get started