Saving waistlines for 25 years!
Saving waistlines for 25 years!
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21 Day SIGNATURE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM - February 11 - March 2 $369
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21 Day SIGNATURE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM - February 11 - March 2 $369

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Upon completing this 21-day program, you will gain a profound understanding of weight loss, unraveling the reasons for any past struggles. Armed with a clear strategy and a genuine belief in your potential, you'll no longer be entangled in the ambiguity of previous attempts.

Ideal for those who:

  • Have experimented with various diets, experiencing mixed success or changing effectiveness.
  • Recognize that adopting yet another "diet" isn't the solution.
  • Seek freedom from the shackles of restrictive eating patterns.
  • Find their body undergoing changes without knowing how to navigate them.
  • Are committed to putting in the effort but desire a sustainable approach allowing them to enjoy life.

"Between RESTRICTION and RECKLESSNESS" there is a sweet place of continual progress, once there we find is ease that fits into our lives.

Most people live in "restriction" or "recklessness" both places create anxiety



  • Macro Deep Dive – Protein, carbs and fat the untold story about what they do, how they are stored and how that impacts your body composition
  • How we lose weight (this alone is worth the price of admission)
  • Creating the mindset to succeed
  • Blood glucose, insulin and why it matters
  • How to create, chose and build meals for weight loss



  • Advanced techniques for fat burning
  • How food is turned into fat (and which is NOT turned into fat)
  • Body Types and weight loss approaches
  • Fat patterning and how it changes with age (and how to control)
  • Plant based, keto, fasting the pros and cons of the fads
  • Weight loss is a science not a preference
  • Cravings be gone
  • 3 approaches to weight loss, you decide
  • How to travel, vacation and socialize



  • Blood work and weight loss, what to look out for, what to ask for
  • How to liver predicts weight loss problems
  • Why weight loss gets stuck and how to unravel
  • The 4 thieves of weight loss
  • How to stay consistent
  • Which exercise is best for fat loss
  • How to eat for your workout
  • Why we fall off track
  • Stress and the Cortisol Body

Details to note:

  • This program caters to all, irrespective of gender, age, fitness level, or tech savviness.
  • Emphasizing education, the program provides in-depth explanations of weight loss principles.
  • Utilization of an app is optional but recommended for enhanced engagement.
  • Meals are protein-rich and not suitable for vegans; however, vegans are encouraged to join for invaluable information on crafting weight loss meals.
  • Consider using a blood glucose monitor (optional) for effective weight loss insights, with guidance provided on usage and interpretation.
  • Participants with recent blood work can benefit from tailored advice on weight loss based on their results (optional).

Program Design:

  • A hybrid coaching model blending live sessions with concise, pre-recorded content.
  • The non-downloadable content is presented in short, easy-to-follow sessions, lasting under 20 minutes each.
  • An optional daily 16-hour fast is recommended, discussed for its numerous benefits.
  • Customizable meal plans, accessible via the app and PDF, empower participants to build their meals and make informed choices.
  • Seven Zoom calls throughout the program, including an introductory session and two coaching calls per week, providing interaction and support.
  • All calls are recorded for your convenience, allowing flexibility in participation.
  • A focus on nutrition exclusively for 21 days, with optional exercise suggestions.
  • Group sizes are large enough for dynamic interaction yet small enough for personalized attention, distinguishing this program for its hands-on coaching approach

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This program was originally based on my book "When Calories & Cardio Dont Cut It" there is an option to add the book to your order.

 What if you dont act? A touch of tough love, but we tend to run faster from fear than we do towards our goals

  • Imagine a future where health concerns escalate, energy levels plummet, and everyday tasks become a struggle.
  • What if the scale keeps climbing and you find yourself trapped in a cycle of discomfort and frustration?
  • Ignoring the call to take action now could lead to a life dominated by limitations and missed opportunities.
  • The choice is clear - seize this moment, join our program, and break free from the looming specter of regret.
  • It's time to reclaim control, revitalize your well-being, and embrace a future filled with vitality and confidence.

Don't let fear hold you back; let it be the catalyst for your transformative journey towards a healthier, happier you.

Act now, and rewrite your story of triumph over adversity.

You are not the obstacle you think you are. Weight loss has evaded you and it is understandable that we attach a story to poor results. Hormones, metabolism, appetite, cravings, busy, tired, emotional, every story that you may have attached to your lack of results I will cleave away from you 😊

You cannot feel better than you think and you cannot look better than you believe.

I will change how you “think” and I change what you “believe” is possible for yourself

 The #1 reason people fail at weight loss is because they dont understand it

Once you understand weight loss (and it is fascinating!) the path becomes clear and the walk becomes easier and so much more enjoyable 



Oh and before you tell me youre too old - please read below from Susan my cliet and now dear friend of almost 4 years


Dear Joanne

Recently you reiterated a challenge to look 3 years into the future and visualize what you want for your life to be. I did so, and wrotedown my goals. But I also have the opportunity to look back! I looked at where I was then as opposed to what I am now.....and what I would have been now if Ihad not met you.


 I was a nurse practitioner with a specialization indiabetes. I taught carbohydrate counting classes and, to my credit, I taught about hyperinsulinemia and its effects. I stressed the benefit of exercise. My goal was to teach people how they could successfully control their blood glucose levels, and thereby keep healthy hearts, kidneys, eyes and nervous systems. I fervently sought to educate and inspire.

 So when I came to meet you, I was no stranger to information about nutrition and physiology.

 I thought I knew what I needed to know.

I was exercising, but not in the best way for my body type.

When I walked, my elbows rubbed against mywaistline.

I had 8 back rolls.

I had gradually developed central obesity.

I did not sleep enough and worse yet, I counted myself a noble martyr for it!

I was erratic about taking in enough water--with lots of excuses.

I knew protein was important but did not know the “why” so my intake was inadequate.

 In August, 2019, I read your book When Calories and Cardio Don't Cut It. It was not the usual fluff. I read it and studied it like a textbook. I subsequently enrolled in “Mastering Midlife” and eventually took all of your classes. I completed every single zoom, either in person or by the recordings. I learned the “why” behind so many ways the body works including:

  The value of intermittent fasting and its effecton adrenaline, cortisol and insulin.

  • How to use a glucometer to monitor insulinlevels and promote lipolysis.

  • How the magic of lipolysis can happen in theright environment.

  • Timing and content of meals to promote lipolysisand reduce hunger.

  • How to exercise smarter to maximize the benefitsfor my body type.

  • The power of developing tiny (relativelypainless) habits.

  • How to increase activity (NEAT) without spendingmore time exercising.

  • Now I can use knowledge of LPLactivation/suppression to outsmart the aging process.

  • The benefit of adequate sleep for hormonalbalance (especially cortisol) and calorie burn.

  • Cortisol, Leptin, Ghrelin – magnificentinformation!!

  • Making adequate hydration a habit.

  • The “why” of protein to keep my muscle, nomatter how old I get!

  • Supplements for cellular and mitochondrialhealth and hormone balance.

  • Learning to like new foods..... and dropping afew! Food preferences can be changed.

  • Labels-labels-labels to keep my gut and liverhappy.

  • Facing a deep-down painful reason for wanting to lose weigh after decades of “darts”.



 I have lost 16-20 pounds and kept it off for 571 of 600 days.

  • My elbows do NOT rub my waist when I walk. (My elbows feel nothing but air!)

  • I have only one back roll left (7 are gone) and my back actually has some definition. That's also been the case for 571/600 days.

  • My blood sugar levelsare stable and the lack of spikes and valleys has eradicated cravings and impulsive eating almost all of the time. If it happens, I understand why and know how to fix it.

  • I sleep more and feel no quilt! (The same is true for my hubby and he no longer takes a controlled-drug to sleep and was able to get long-term care insurance because of this fact!) If we want, we sometimes take the sleep formula you created.

I do a 5-minute plank as part of my exercise plan! This isnot bragging --- it is a fact resulting in my time with you, Joanne!

 I am smiling as I write this!

I am 72 years old. Knowledge and restraint will always be required for me to just stay where I am.

 But I wanted to break through another plateau and set a new 600-day goal, so after Thanksgiving and up until Christmas, here were my written goals:


  • Water intake of 96 oz. per day with measuring,logging and no days off.

  • Carbohydrate + fat equal to or less than 30 gper meal with measuring, logging, and no days off.

  • Protein 120 grams per day, with measuring,logging and no days off.

 Joanne, the first week was like Peak Week!! Of course, you were right. The measuring had become lax and the dietary fat content too high.But I am back in control. These things will soon be habits!

 I envision myself three years from now and work toward it.You realize that I'll be 75 by then --- but at least it'll be a good 75. As you've said, “consider the alternative if I give up!” The proof of the power of self discipline is seen in the wreckage of its absence.

 When you called me on the phone 4 years ago, you were right – I wasn't too old!

 Thank you for that!

 Every year, as the New Year approaches, David and I think about who has made an impact on our lives in the past year. For the last three New Year's Eves --- it has been you, Joanne. You are again my “New Year's Eve Person”.

I will always be so grateful.