Saving waistlines for 25 years!
Saving waistlines for 25 years!
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INITIAL CONSULTATION (90 minutes minimum)
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INITIAL CONSULTATION (90 minutes minimum)

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Please choose between a location-based appointment or a phone/video chat appointment


Joannes coaching is for those who want to (for once and for all) understand body composition. She will teach you how fat is broken down by the body, she will explain the role of hormones, lifestyle, stress, and former dieting habits. There are a great many great programs and apps out there but without a foundation of understanding, it is unlikely that they will allow for long-term compliance.

Changing your body composition can be frustrating and overwhelming and it doesnt have to be. It is just a subject that you haven't been taught. It is a fascinating topic that once explained you can see exactly what you have to do. Compliance becomes easy and long-term results much more probable and possible.

If you're just looking for a meal plan there are great programs and apps, if you are looking for more than that, this is the coaching for you. We suggest you buy the book but not essential

"I am very passionate about giving my clients the information they need so that they are not held hostage by the weight loss industry - I prefer to work off referrals than repeat business"

Monday, Friday 10am = 2pm

Tuesday,Thursday Friday Noon - 7pm

Saturday 8am - Noon

There is a lot to cover in the initial consultation, but by the end of that first 90 minutes, you will understand weight loss. Joanne will test your metabolic rate to precisely calculate the intake you need, she will check your body composition to find out your lean weight and direct the diet to maintain and promote it. She will also check blood glucose to know your present fat burning ability. 

From all of this, Joanne will customize your first meal plan based on the calculations, your food preferences, your lifestyle and obligations. 

"Nutrition should fit into your lifestyle, not your lifestyle into nutrition - long term compliance is the key"

  • Please complete the questionnaire that we will email to you prior.
  • Please allow 90 minutes for the consultation itself.
  • For the Metabolic Test and the Lipid Test, it is preferred that you do not eat for 90 minutes before.



First, we will conduct a 10 minute Basal Metabolic Rate Test. While you are doing this test, we will go over your questionnaire.

Next is the Blood Glucose test - painless we promise!. 

Once the results are in, we will give you a 35-minute presentation to educate you on the physiology behind body composition. We guarantee that you will experience at least a couple of “AH HA” moments in this fun and illuminating presentation. The most common thing we hear is, “Why don’t we get taught this?” We wish we knew the answer. Oftentimes, parents bring their children back just to hear this presentation.

By this point, you will be pretty excited, so that will be the best time to do the painful work.

We will determine your weight, body fat, and measurements, then discuss the best way to design your nutrition plan. We want to know about your schedule, your obligations, your preferences and generally what makes you tick.  Nutrition should fit into your life; you should not have to make your life fit into nutrition.


Your plan will be emailed to you within 48 hours.

Your initial consultation comes with 3 weeks of unlimited email/text support.  We encourage questions and during this time we can make adjustments necessary

We strongly suggest grabbing hold of the momentum and booking your next session within a few days if possible, or at least within a week of your initial consultation.

You will have a head full of new information, and success comes from the correct implementation of that knowledge! Let us help you make a strong start.