Saving waistlines for 25 years!
Saving waistlines for 25 years!
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Why Weight Loss Fails - It is very simple

The weight loss industry has a 90% failure rate, and yet wespend $33 billion dollars a year trying to lose weight


Why do we spend such an enormous amount of money in anindustry that does not work?

Because we CARE

We really CARE

 Because of the huge failure rate, society tries to normalize weight gain, justify it, validate it, even celebrate it – and STILL WE CARE

 We care to the tune of $33 billion dollars!

And because of the massive failing of the weight loss industry, we believe weight loss long term cannot really be possible - this is NOT true and I want to explain why.

.If it is seemingly impossible to sustain weight loss, the obvious assumption must be that

 ·Our bodies are broken in some way

  • Our bodies are stuck

  • We have bad genetics

  • We have big bones (no one has big bones!)

  • We have a slow metabolism (big people have fast metabolisms)

  • It must be our hormones (yes, but not the ones you are thinking)

 No judgment here because when we fail over and over at something, there must be a reason, how else can it make sense?

 But then in the back of our mind, in that corner we try toignore, we see someone just like us, and they haven’t gained weight. You’re the same age, maybe you grew up together, you’re as smart as them, you work as hard as them, maybe you’re more successful as them – they seemingly can control their weight, why not you?

 That bothers you because that person's success trashes all the stories we have that justify poor results.

And so we blame ourselves

 But who is to blame here? (Because blame feels great, doesn’t it?)

  • It's not the diet

  • It's not your friend

  • It's not you – that’s for sure!

 The answer is more of a question

 “When were you ever good at anything that you didn’tunderstand?”

 Think about that for a moment

When did you ever do really well at a skill you didn’t know anything about?

  Let me put it another way

 ·        I don’t play piano

·        Give me a piano and ask me to play – I will fail

·        Give me that piano every summer – I will failevery summer

·        Now give me a piano and a piano teacher – I WILLPLAY THE PIANO!

 Now replace “piano” with

 ·        Drive a car

·        A second language

·        Ride a horse

·        Play golf or tennis

·        Lose Weight …..

 For every skill in life, we have teachers.

I mean, for goodness sake, if you want to play golf you wouldn’t dream of not having acoach – and yet we think we can take on one of the greatest challenges of our lives (weight loss) without instruction!

 We’ll get a coach to hit a ball with a stick but not to change our body composition!

The weight loss industry is selling you the “piano” and expects you to know how to play. They dont care, they made money off the piano. A one stop sale.

Replace “piano” with “diet” or “supplement”

It is NOT that you can’t lose weight, you just havent taken lessons

 For a great many people this is the ONLY reason they dont succeed in weight loss

  The mistake is that we do not think of weight loss or body composition as a skill, and that is exactly what it is – but nobody is teaching it! Except me :)

I coach the skill that is body composition, and all of my clients succeed. ALL of them


And they love it.


This is a fascinating topic, and it is one that every one of us can relate to – we all have a body composition, be it one that we are happy with or one that we want to improve.


The absolute hard truth is weight loss/body compositionis is a skill and just like any other skill it is one that we have to be coached in, that we need to practice, make mistakes and repeat. Lesson, implement, practice, error, repeat. That is how we master a skill. it is the only way



September 30 - November 11 - I only coach this program twice a year


The 6 Week Signature Weight Loss Program is my foundational program (I have 5 programs) this program will change your life forever. Once you understand the skill you cant unlearn it. You can of course chose not to use what you know, but you can never unlearn this.

 This is a hybrid program with both live (optional) calls and pre recorded coaching sessions to fit your schedule. Custom meals plans for weight loss, access to me for 6 week!

 What we cover in the 6 Week Signature Weight Loss Program


  • How the body releases fat from storage (spoiler– the vast majority of people are never able to do this because of the way they eat, and it is an incredibly easy fix)

  • That class alone is worth 10x the priceof this program.

  • I am constantly asked why they haven’t heard this information before.

  • How the fat cell changes with age – childhoodobesity, I wish I could coach every parent this one class

  • Fat Patterning – why do some people gain weight in their belly and others on their hips, and why does fat patterning change with age (middle age spread, dad bod and dead butt)

  • How carbohydrates, fat and protein are used for energy and stored as fat

  • Blood glucose and insulin, how to control both to allow for continuous fat loss

  • What blood tests should you look for and ask for with regards to weight loss (because one in particular is super important and not part of a regular blood test, even though it is a $30 test)

  • Macros – protein, carbs and fat – what they do,how they are stored and how they impact your body composition

  • Appetite regulators & cravings

  • How to build the perfect fat loss meal

  • How to order from any menu

  • How to read labels and chose products correctly

  • The cortisol body – fat gain, muscle loss, water retention, bad skin and thin hair – lovely

  • Identifying your body type – everyone loves thisclass. Are you a high energy ectomorph with a belly or an endomorph with short digits but pretty skin, or a mesomorph where everything was good until midlife kicked in

  • Which exercise is best for fat loss

  • How to eat around your workouts

  • To fast or not to fast – why fasting is anamazing tool for some people (which has nothing to do with calorie restriction)

  • Alcohol, how to partake and still progress

  • Travel and social eating

  • Diabetes, pre-diabetes and insulin resistance –why weight loss is so difficult in the short term, but in the long term successis just waiting to happen

  • Weight loss mindset

  • Our conversations around food

  • Cravings and taught appetite behaviors

  • How to create successful habits

 If you are on a weight loss journey and are ready to master this thing once and for all I would love to have you join - but we start VERY soon. If you have questions use the links below to contact me directly.

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