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Personal Training in our private gym in Eagle Idaho. As well equipped (or better) than any commercial gym. During your session, the focus will be entirely one you - because you'll be the only one there! Totally private (unless you want to train with a friend or partner) come as you are, with no membership fees.

Joanne was an independent trainer in Golds Gym Venice CA for 24 years, so when she designed her own gym she knew exactly which pieces of equipment to buy.

If you want a workout without any distractions, or if a gym usually makes you feel uneasy or self-conscious - this is the place for you.

Training sessions are 60 minutes, please be on time. Towels and water will be provided.

There is a strict 24-hour cancellation policy. 

Don't want to train alone!  You can share your appointment with up to 2 other people. There is no extra charge to train with a friend (or 2) all we ask is that one person is responsible for payment