Saving waistlines for 25 years!
Saving waistlines for 25 years!
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ESSENTIAL WEIGHT LOSS 90 minutes ($199)
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ESSENTIAL WEIGHT LOSS 90 minutes ($199)

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Not ready to do one of my programs?  Really just want to understand weight loss and body composition and to be given some nutritional boundaries based on your goal type?

I want you to understand everything :) but I get it, not everyone wants to commit to 21 days with me.

In this session I will explain

  • The Fat Cell
  • How Fat is Broken Down for Weight Loss 
  • Why most people NEVER access stored body fat
  • Why knowing your blood glucose is essential (and fascinating)
  • How to build a meal
  • Which exercise is best, and how to eat for that exercise

If you are local to me, I will check your Metabolic Rate. If you are not local I will find you a facilty close to where you live.

By the end of 90 minutes, you will understand weight loss, you will be able to evaluate all the diets out there, you will understand why you may have struggled in the past.

A PDF recipe pack (40 recipes) is provided with your appointment

My suggestion is that you may want to also purchase the MEAL PLAN DESIGN where I can build your first few meal plans for you, and you can watch how I do it