Saving waistlines for 25 years!
Saving waistlines for 25 years!
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6 WEEK SIGNATURE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM - September 30 - November 11
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6 WEEK SIGNATURE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM - September 30 - November 11

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A guided master class in the principles of weight loss, presented in a progression to take you from the A to the Z of weight loss and body composition.

The pursuit of health is not about fitting into a certain size, but about embracing the vitality and strength that come with taking care of yourself. It's not a race, but a journey towards a more empowered and vibrant you

In 6 weeks you will understand weight loss, you will understand why you may have struggled in the past and you will know how to achieve the sustainable weight loss you deserve.


  • We collect data & metrics - where you are now
  • Goal setting - being clear about your specific goals and what is realistic
  • Strategy - I provide my stategy for weight loss, meal, tools, support
  • Education - I back up the strategy by coaching the fundamental priniciles of weight loss and body composition. This is fascinating!
  • The education is what is lacking in other weight loss programs, and it is the education which makes the strategy understandable and believable. Once you believe in the strategy then the path to your goal seems very clear. 
  • Coaching & support for the ups and downs of this program as we live and learn

Remember - you care creating a new path and new paths always have obstacles.

We simply clear the obstacles from the path with education and strategy.

But if we dont tackle them they dont go anywhere, they just pile up.

Most "diets" fail at the first obstacle 

There is one simple reason that people dont succeed in long term weight loss. Please watch this very short video as I explain why this program is such a game changer. 


  • If I gave you a piano would you be a pianist? No
  • If I gave you a golf club would you be able to play golf ? No, not very well
  • If I give you a diet will you be able to master your body composition? No

A piano, golf club, diet - they are products - they dont provide the skill necessary

Weight loss is a skill and that is what I coach. 

Weight loss is not difficult, but you are being sold "products" and no one is teaching you "how"

My clients succeed, all of them - and I would love you to be one of them

Please watch the video as I expalin

Further down this page you will find another video with a program description and testimonials from some of my clients, be sure to watch until the end to meet one of my favorite clients, who just happens to be 73 years old.

This is a hybrid coaching program, meaning that you have both live and pre recorded coaching sessions, that you have full access to me in a supportive group format.



  • Custom meal plans are provided in my app and by printable PDF’s
  • Live coaching calls twice a week (all are recorded)
  • Mini coaching videos are sent during the week for you to watch/listen to at your convenience
  • A progression of topics to take us from basic principles of fat loss to the nuances of individuality.
  • Full access to me by chat and email
  • Group support (optional of course)

Topics to be covered are listed below, but I also go with the group, and as questions come up we often get off track 😊

  • How the body releases fat from storage (spoiler – the vast majority of people are never able to do this because of the way they eat, and it is an incredibly easy fix) That class alone is worth 10x the price of this program. I am constantly asked why they haven’t heard this information before. Most coaches do not know it and those that don’t want to spend the time coaching it – because then they lose their repeat customers and its much more cost-effective to just sell a “diet”

But most coaches don’t know

  • How the fat cell changes with age – childhood obesity, I wish I could coach every parent this one class
  • Fat Patterning – why do some people gain weight in their belly and others on their hips, and why does fat patterning change with age (middle age spread, dad bod and dead butt)
  • How carbohydrates, fat and protein are used for energy and stored as fat
  • Blood glucose and insulin, how to control both to allow for continuous fat loss
  • What blood tests should you look for and ask for with regards to weight loss (because one in particular is super important and not part of a regular blood test, even though it is a $30 test)
  • Macros – protein, carbs and fat – what they do, how they are stored and how they impact your body composition
  • Appetite regulators & cravings
  • How to build the perfect fat loss meal
  • How to order from any menu
  • How to read labels and chose products correctly
  • The cortisol body – fat gain, muscle loss, water retention, bad skin and thin hair – lovely
  • Identifying your body type – everyone loves this class. Are you a high energy ectomorph with a belly or an endomorph with short digits but pretty skin, or a mesomorph where everything was good until midlife kicked in
  • Which exercise is best for fat loss
  • How to eat around your workouts
  • To fast or not to fast – why fasting is an amazing tool for some people (which has nothing to do with calorie restriction)
  • Alcohol, how to partake and still progress
  • Travel and social eating
  • Diabetes, pre-diabetes and insulin resistance – why weight loss is so difficult in the short term, but in the long term success is just waiting to happen
  • Weight loss mindset
  • Our conversations around food
  • Cravings and taught appetite behaviors
  • How to create successful habits

What if you dont act? A touch of tough love, but we tend to run faster from fear than we do towards our goals

  • Imagine a future where health concerns escalate, energy levels plummet, and everyday tasks become a struggle.
  • What if the scale keeps climbing and you find yourself trapped in a cycle of discomfort and frustration?
  • Ignoring the call to take action now could lead to a life dominated by limitations and missed opportunities.
  • The choice is clear - seize this moment, join our program, and break free from the looming specter of regret.
  • It's time to reclaim control, revitalize your well-being, and embrace a future filled with vitality and confidence.

Don't let fear hold you back; let it be the catalyst for your transformative journey towards a healthier, happier you.

Act now, and rewrite your story of triumph over adversity.

You are not the obstacle you think you are. Weight loss has evaded you and it is understandable that we attach a story to poor results. Hormones, metabolism, appetite, cravings, busy, tired, emotional, every story that you may have attached to your lack of results I will cleave away from you 😊

You cannot feel better than you think and you cannot look better than you believe.

I will change how you “think” and I change what you “believe” is possible for yourself

 If you leave or don't participate in the program, you will not be credited sessions for a later date

If you want additional/private coaching you can purchase additional sessions to complement the program.

The meal plans are only delivered via the app and in an ebook with can be printed


Sustainable weight loss is unattainable, and weight loss after the age of 40 is impossible

Or so we are told!

And we might be told to accept it, expect it and even, to celebrate it – but we still don’t like it, we still care deeply about changes in our body composition.

Weight loss can be one of the greatest challenges of a person's life, and when they are told that it is impossible to sustain weight loss and that they should learn to love themselves, the actual effect can be quite the opposite.

  • For some people a changing body composition alters their self-image, it alters how they connect with others and how others connect with them.
  • For some people, they can feel less relevant and socially invisible.

These are comments I have heard over and over again

I invite you to watch the video where I will explain why weight loss is not just possible to absolutely probable with this coaching program. I will also explain why I have the greatest results with my clients over the age of 40 (watch to the end so that I can show the before and after of my 73 year old client)

Why Weight Loss Fails is very, VERY simple

The weight loss industry sells PRODUCTS. It might be diet, or a supplement, but it is a PRODUCT

If I gave you a piano (a product) would you be able to play? How long would you try to play before you gave in? What if I showed you how to play one tune on the piano, what if you could play that one tune really well – does that mean you can play the piano?


Because playing the piano is a SKILL and to learn a skill be know we need instruction, we need to practice, we need to make mistakes and we need to progress one level at a time.

Weight Loss is the SAME EXACT THING. You are being sold a product (diet) but no one is coaching the SKILL.

Of course, it won't work! 

You might get a diet and you might get to know it really well, every time you do it, it might work really well, but without it you can’t sustain the results. Because you were given a product not the skill.

I COACH THE SKILL – I can guarantee that in 6 weeks you will understand weight loss, you will understand why you may have struggled in the past, and how you view your future will have drastically changed

Golf, tennis, a second language. We understand we will need to take lessons for all of these skills and we would EXPECT to fail without getting instruction. But for weight loss, the GREATEST challenge of some people's lives, we are led to believe we can just wing it?

This is the ONLY reason you have not succeeded so far.

It is not because you are an overeater, sugar addict, stress eater (fill the “story”)

It is quite simply because you have not be taught the skill, and the good news is, this skill is FASCINATING.