Saving waistlines for 25 years!
Saving waistlines for 25 years!
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The ultimate group coaching package.

All 5 Programs 

If you bought separately, the cost would be $1375 - with this package you save $100 at the price of $1275 +  private coaching at a 50% discount at any time during the entire length of coaching!

For those that enroll in the 5 program package, there will be additional coaching. This small Mastermind Group will not be available to those who buy the programs individually (as I need a minimum of 60 days)

Taking you from the ever-popular Peak Week Shred, where we drop some serious pounds, super quick.  Moving on to The 21 Day Signature Program where you learn about weight loss and body composition, and then (after a quick week off to catch our breath) we move right into The 28 Day No Wiggle + Workout Program, gym workouts, home workouts, yoga, cardio. No dairy, no gluten, no soy, no sugar - no wiggle! The NEW Muscle Month - nutrition, workouts and topics to build muscle & finally The Mastering Midlife 30 day group coaching program.

You will understand weight loss, body shape, fat patterning, aging concerns, how to lose weight quickly, how to maintain weight loss, how to change your body shape, and avoid the pitfalls of midlife.  In just 2 months you will know more than 95% of the weight loss "coaches" - I guarantee it.

The Peak Week 5 day shred - Rapid weight loss. Lose as much weight as possible in 5 days and learn a lot about nutrition and body composition along the way (5-day diet, 7-day program value $89)

21 Day Signature Group Coaching Program -10 zoom classes, custom meal plans. This is what I am known for. In 21 days you WILL understand weight loss and why you may have struggled in the past. This course is epic! (value $299)

Then we take one week off to take a breath, and then continue on with ...

Tight 28 -  No gluten, no dairy, no soy, no sugar. Is your weight loss stuck? do you have low energy, foggy thinking, joint pain, constant bloating? Does a fun meal throw your weight off for a week.?  Let us discuss why some food dont work for you. 12 zoom calls $329

Muscle Month - Nutrition, workouts and coaching topics all geared towards building muscle (this is not a bulking program) whilst staying lean, or losing fat at the same time $329

Mastering Midlife Month Coaching Program - 11 zooms with all topics focused on midlife. Custom meal plans, supplement guide, menopause/andropause, the 6 hormones that change your body composition, muscle, skin and more  Again, this is the closest thing to one on one coaching you can get in a group setting. $329

Limited spaces available.

Topics will include.

  • Why blood glucose is so important
  • The science of fat loss (and why most people miss it completely)
  • Understanding your Macros (what they are, what they do, how they are stored, and how they impact body composition)
  • Alcohol & Sleep
  • Appetite
  • How to eat and train for your body type
  • Diabetes and how to lose weight if you are diabetic
  • Supplements - which to use for midlife health
  • Metabolism - What impacts it and how to boost it
  • The Three Amigos - Cortisol, Insulin & Thyroid - how age changes things
  • Body Shape and Fat Pattering aka middle-aged weight gain
  • Muscle and Mood - how to hang on to both
  • Insulin Resistance & Inflammation - fix these and fix your health
  • How to build muscle
  • How to build muscle whilst losing fat
  • The 4 growth factors
  • Training form and tips
  • Workouts for each body part
  • Strength topics and workouts

50 Zoom classes

I will be available to you all day every day!

Custom Meal Plans - Group Meal Plans

Very fun, active groups (they always are)

Not suitable for Vegans.

All meal plans are delivered via the app & pdf  

All chat is via the app

ALSO!  For Ultimate members, you can purchase one on one consultations (for the entire length of the program)  with me at a 50% discount!

No refunds after Jan 22 

 This is a discounted price. If you decide midway that you do not want to continue, or you are unable to continue,  I am happy to move you to the program when it is repeated at a future date.