Saving waistlines for 25 years!
Saving waistlines for 25 years!
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So many clients reached out to me because they had gained weight during the lockdown, that I built a 6 week affordable weight loss program for them to use.

This plan is not suitable for vegans, although there is an optional Plant Based week in week 5


1. A 6-week meal plan, you will know exactly what to do every day.
2. A super user-friendly app to journal all your meals
4. Exercise requirements (you will have access to gym and non-gym-based workouts)
5. Access to my private FB group "Mastering Midlife" where I post information, videos, answer questions and do live coaching.

Although this is a pre designed course, I will be watching and I can see everything you log.  If you get stuck, simply use the CHAT feature on the app to contact me

When you purchase this program you will be asked to complete a form. I will then assign the appropriate meal plan to your account.

Week 1 - follow the meals exactly, every day is exactly the same deliberately. I have found after decades of coaching that too many choices initially make compliance less likely. There is no wiggle room in week 1.

Week 2 - new meals are introduced, you may now use these new meals and/or use the meals from week 1.

Week 3 - yet more new meals. the choice is still (deliberately) not extensive but you can use any of the meals from weeks 1,2 and 3.

Week 4 - All the meals shown in week 4 are plant-based, it throws the macros ( I like) off a little but I understand now wanting to eat animal-based protein all the time, so this week expands your choices.

Week 5 - Quite often weight loss plateaus between weeks 4 and 6 of any weight loss program, for that reason week 5 is super hard core. There is ZERO wiggle room, read ALL the notes on each meal. I have used this diet hundreds of times with incredible success. You will not be hungry, it will be bland but it is 100% worth it.

Week 6 - So far the plan has been based on high quality, squeaky clean meals. week 5 is hardcore, so on week 6 I have included some mid-quality (but awesome) meals. There are a few more carbs, a little dairy, and some sweeter options. By week 6 you will certainly have found some of your favorite meals, you can keep using them with the option of also including meal choices from week 6. Every meal in week 6 is different, you now have a lot of choices!

3 days a week there is a 16 hour fast (i suggest using an app like Vora) this is part of the program and not optional.

Every week, apart from weeks 1 and 5 you will have an off-plan day. I would suggest using this day to do something fun with family and friends. Sleep in, relax, breathe a little :)

This is an online program, you will be shown how to make substitutions.
For customized meal plans please purchase my one on one coaching

This program is delivered via The Shrink Shop App (not pdf or another format) 

Once purchased I will assign the program to you download the desktop/phone app


Questions ?

310 704 6569

Private Coaching is available to participants at a 50% discount!