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Please choose between location-based (Eagle) or phone/video chat.

Following your initial consultation, you can then purchase individual coaching sessions (or multiple sessions)

Every appointment comes will 1 week  email/text support.

We will assess new measurements, track progress and make nutritional adjustments. We know that weight loss goes beyond the diet and the better we get to know you the more advice we can suggest regarding exercise and lifestyle.

If you love the learning experience then the follow-up appointments are an ideal way to expand your knowledge. We can hand pick topics specific to your life and interests.  These may include childhood obesity, menopause, exercise, sleep, hormonal status, stress response, which workouts work, understanding different weight loss approaches.

Every time we meet/speak we will discuss a new topic and review what we have taught so far.

The more you know, the more engaged you are, the more motivated you are :)