Saving waistlines for 25 years!
Saving waistlines for 25 years!
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The ultimate group coaching package.

All 4 Programs + 2 one on one coaching calls


21 Day Signature Group Coaching Program -7 zoom classes, custom meal plans. This is what I am known for. In 21 days you WILL understand weight loss and why you may have struggled in the past. This course is epic! (value $369)

Then we take two weeks off to take a breath, and then continue on with ...

Muscle Month - Nutrition, workouts and coaching topics all geared towards building muscle (this is not a bulking program) whilst staying lean, or losing fat at the same time $429 12 zoom calls, a lot of time spent in the gym:)

Tight 28 -  No gluten, no dairy, no soy, no sugar. Is your weight loss stuck? do you have low energy, foggy thinking, joint pain, constant bloating? Does a fun meal throw your weight off for a week.?  Let us discuss why some food dont work for you.  7 zoom calls $399

Mastering Midlife Month Coaching Program - 11 zooms with all topics focused on midlife. Custom meal plans, supplement guide, menopause/andropause, the 6 hormones that change your body composition, muscle, skin and more  Again, this is the closest thing to one on one coaching you can get in a group setting. $429

Limited spaces available.

Topics will include.

  • Why blood glucose is so important
  • The science of fat loss (and why most people miss it completely)
  • Understanding your Macros (what they are, what they do, how they are stored, and how they impact body composition)
  • Alcohol & Sleep
  • Appetite
  • How to eat and train for your body type
  • Diabetes and how to lose weight if you are diabetic
  • Supplements - which to use for midlife health
  • Metabolism - What impacts it and how to boost it
  • The Three Amigos - Cortisol, Insulin & Thyroid - how age changes things
  • Body Shape and Fat Pattering aka middle-aged weight gain
  • Muscle and Mood - how to hang on to both
  • Insulin Resistance & Inflammation - fix these and fix your health
  • How to build muscle
  • How to build muscle whilst losing fat
  • The 4 growth factors
  • Training form and tips
  • Workouts for each body part
  • Strength topics and workouts

I will be available to you all day every day!

Custom Meal Plans - Group Meal Plans

Very fun, active groups (they always are)

Not suitable for Vegans.

All meal plans are delivered via the app & pdf  

All chat is via the app

No refunds after Jan 22 

 This is a discounted price. If you decide midway that you do not want to continue, or you are unable to continue,  I am happy to move you to the program when it is repeated at a future date.